HEIR - The Historic Environment Image Resource Project

Join us as we research changes in our environment and landscape from old glass plate and lantern slide photographs.

Historic photographic images are vital for understanding some of the most pressing current research issues

HEIR is an important new resource for a wide range of studies, from tracking environmental and climate change to understanding human impact on the planet; from identifying endangered landscapes and endangered archaeology to reconstructing lost buildings and habitats. 

We need you to help us unlock the potential of these photographs, by keywording or 'tagging' them to gather as much information about them as possible.

Help us tag everything each photograph shows, from rivers and trees to people and buildings

We don't know much about some of the photographs - where they were taken, or when, or who the photographer was. If you know more about any of the photographs, please tell us - join the discussion!

We are also asking the worldwide community to rephotograph sites using our mobile app.

Help us by re-photographing sites as they are today

You will be building an invaluable resource to compare images of the past with the present to have a conversation about the future; to look at the impact of time, nature and people and how it has changed the world around us. Everyone sees something different in the photographs, which is why your contribution will make a difference.

HEIR is based at the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford and directed by Dr Sally Crawford and Dr Katharina Ulmschneider.