Frequently Asked Questions


Help! I'm having trouble registering as a new user

Register directly through Zooniverse, then use your new Zooniverse details to login to HEIRtagger. Register with Zooniverse

What happens if I make a mistake?

If you make a mistake while you are working on an image, click on ‘delete’ in the drop-down box. If you have finished the image and sent it in, don’t worry. All images are looked at by several citizen scientists.

What should I do if I can’t see anything in the image to tag?

If the image looks too difficult to tag, or if you don’t feel like tagging a particular picture, just press ‘skip this image’ to move on to the next picture.

If there is a problem with the picture – perhaps it has been scanned upside down – please let us know by sending us a comment.

I've just tagged a picture, but the statistics on the front page for number of images tagged haven't changed - why not?

Thank you for tagging a picture! The statistics show how many images have been tagged by 4 different taggers. These images are considered 'completed' and are removed from HEIRtagger. The statistics only show how many images have been 'completed'. 

I’m not an expert – can I still help?

Yes! Everyone sees different things in the pictures, and what you can see is important to us. Tell us what you can see – animals, people, buildings, vehicles – even broad keywords will help researchers work more quickly when they analyse the images.  

How do I go back to images I have already tagged?

There is an easy way to look at all the images you have tagged, as well as any comments you have made and images you have sent in from the HEIR Mobile app - set up a personal profile!

Can I search for images by keyword?

At the moment, you can only search for images by location. This is because the original labels on most of the images (if they had any labels at all) only tell us where the photograph was taken, not what the photograph was of. That is why we need your help fill in keywords!

How can I see all the tags, or search the images by keyword?

Once the images have been tagged, all your keyword information will be transferred to the searchable HEIR database. This database will become more flexible and easier to use as more tags are added from HEIRTagger. The searchable database will be coming on-line soon. 

Why do I have to scroll down to see the captions for the images when I am tagging - why can't I see them while I am looking at the picture?

Captions advise the viewer what they 'ought' to be seeing in the picture. We want to know what YOU see, which may be very different from the intention of the person who originally gave a caption to the image. An archaeologist, for example, might give a caption which instructs the viewer to concentrate on the building in the photograph, directing your gaze away from everything else - the people, the animals, other buildings of 'less' interest, laundry etc. Do look at the caption for futher information, but first of all we would love you to think about (and tag) your first impressions of what is in the picture. Leave a comment if there is a big difference between what you find interesting in the picture and what the caption 'told' you to look at!