Please help us tag / keyword our thousands of images. We are interested in anything you can spot!

To help you along the way, we have designed 6 themed tagging categories, illustrated by the icon buttons on the left hand side of the tagging screen. Ideally you work your way from top to bottom.

When you click on a tagging category, you will see a drop-down box of sub-groups to choose from. Click on the area of the screen that corresponds to your chosen subgroup, and a drop-down box of keywords will appear. We have suggested the most common ones in our drop-down list, but cannot include everything. If your keyword should not appear, please use the ‘other’ box. You can enter several keywords in the ‘other’ box. In this case please separate each keyword with a comma. There is a limit of 30 letters though. Occasionally you will get additional boxes for more information you may have. Don't worry about having to fill them in. An icon will appear on the picture where you have identified your keyword.

You can review, re-locate, or delete your keywords at any time before submission.

Once you have finished tagging and reviewing the image - click on 'submit'. No more changes are possible after this. Don’t worry if you think you might have missed something or if you are not sure if you have correctly identified something. Each image will be tagged by at least three other citizen scientists.



Please help us re-photograph our images. We are very interested in finding out how places, monuments, and surroundings have changed over the last 100 years.

To help you with this task, we have developed a free, dedicated mobile phone app (currently iPhone only), which you can download from the home page. Just log in, upload our images and become a site detective.

How it works:

The app will ask you for your current location. Please allow, as this will enable the HEIR database to suggest images near to your location, which you may like to re-photograph. Once you are at the site, the app will help you overlay the old image with the new one you can see. Match them up as best as you can, then take the photograph.

If you like, you can leave your re-photographed image in your image library, and upload it to us at a more convenient time. Alternatively, you may upload your new photograph straight away. Be aware that your image may be quite large and may take some time to upload.

Your re-photographed image will be sent back to our database together with a geo-location, allowing us to reconstruct where the old image was taken from. If you go to your HEIR profile, you can view your uploads there.

If you like, you can specify a location and view the HEIR images for this location before you get there. 

Sometimes, sites have changed so dramatically that you may not be able to rephotograph them. If so, why not take a picture of the site as it is now and let us know what has changed? We welcome your comments!

Do take care when rephotographing, and make sure you rephotograph from a safe place.