HEIR now has over 10,000 images to share, and more are being added. If this resource is to be useful, it needs to be searchable on-line. For that we need each image to be keyworded or 'tagged' as fully as possible, to record everything each old photograph shows, from rivers and trees to people and their costumes.

Detailed keywording of every image is an enormous task, which is why, working with the Citizen Science Alliance, we are calling on the worldwide community to help us in the task of tagging the past. This isn't just about tagging, though. Some of our images have very little information with them - we don't know where they were taken, or when, or who the photographer was. If you have any information about any of the photographs, please tell us!

In addition to tagging the images, we are also asking the worldwide community to help us by re-photographing sites as they are today using our mobile app. This will provide an invaluable resource to compare images of the past with the present to have a conversation about the future; to look at the impact of time, nature and people and how it has changed the world around us.