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  • AD41675_HMCbx4im062-lpr

    Thank you once more for the new view of the chapel that has been added to the HEIR database. It's especially nice to know how you managed to circumvent the "no photographs" rule on our behalf.

    9 last comment by HEIRteam 1 month ago
  • AD44635_AHistc1d4img673c-lpr

    The final consensus from the Kemp Town Society was that the picture most likely is a view of Arundel Terrace, though possibly not an actual view, but one that includes some completed and proposed structures that were never built.

    8 last comment by HEIRteam 5 months ago
  • AD51932_GEOGbx82im003-lpr.jpg

    Thank you for this update on the railway lines. We've added your comment to the image notes in the HEIR database.

    8 last comment by HEIRteam 12 months ago

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  • AD34642_img 589-lpr

    "Limestone" corner on Hadrian's Wall, looking east. OS Grid Ref: NY 87370 71564. Rephoto (without the cast of thousands) follows by email.

    1 last comment by boarshill, 1 week ago
  • AD46720_AHistc2d2img690c-lpr

    Sorry, wrong way round. This is a view from the SE across Lime Street showing the south end and east front of St George's Hall. Not sure about the 1839 date either - building did not start until the 1840s and went on for some years. Also, the equestrian statue was (and is) of Prince Albert.

    1 last comment by boarshill, 3 weeks ago
  • AD51460_GEOGbx72im039-lpr.jpg

    At first I thought the "Agiron" in the caption might be the name of one of the ships on the river. However, could it refer to the Trent Aegir, aka the Eagre -- a tidal bore on the River Trent ? The caption might then -- with spelling adjustment -- read "The Agir on the Trent". Gainsborough is more or less as far as this bore can reach and it is only a few feet high at this point.

    1 last comment by boarshill, 3 weeks ago
  • AD45813_HMCbx14im022-lpr

    Has Heir access to a sports consultant? The caption says this is the First XI (11 in a football team), but I count 15 players (15 in a rugby team, as I recall). The ball is a rugby ball, and the goalposts are set up in rugby crossbar format. And I would expect a school like Willaston to play rugby. (Of course rugby is also referred to as "rugby football", but the two games are very different.)

    1 last comment by boarshill, 3 weeks ago
  • AD51425_GEOGbx72im004-lpr.jpg

    So the next candidate for "Trent" after Nottingham etc would be Trento in Italy (as in "the Council of Trent"). The tall church at the left is St Apollinare; the bridge is -- or used to be -- the ponte San Lorenzo. There may have been several versions of this bridge: one was destroyed in 1943, and photos show the remains of that as a bridge of metal girder construction. There is now a modern bridge with three arches.

    3 last comment by boarshill, 3 weeks ago
  • AD45815_HMCbx14im024-lpr

    28 men. Some very muddy, some perfectly clean. Looks like two (almost) rugby teams of 15 per side. Not schoolboys - perhaps old boys? (O.ld W.illastons?).

    1 last comment by boarshill, 3 weeks ago
  • AD51153_GEOGBX66im061-lpr.jpg

    Although High Cup Nick is on the Pennine Way, it is a few miles from anywhere and quite a way up, so it might be a while before a holidaying Heirtagger produces a rephotograph of these three images ....

    2 last comment by boarshill, 3 weeks ago
  • AD51174_GEOGBX66im082-lpr.jpg

    Thank you for this additional information about this limestone image. It has been added to the HEIR database and the image caption now includes some date information.

    2 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AD51125_GEOGBX66im034-lpr.jpg

    Thanks for this very useful information that we've used to revise the image caption and location information in the HEIR database. We appreciate your information that makes the database more accurate and useful.

    4 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AD52518_GEOGBX108im006-lpr

    We could well have mistranscribed the information on the lantern slide, so we have updated the HEIR database caption and the location on the map. Thanks for sharing some local knowledge with us.

    2 last comment by HEIRteam, 3 months ago