Taunt: England: Gloucesteshire: "Chedworth" "Henry W. Taunt & Co. Oxford" "XY.K. 1856.1"
England, Gloucestersire, Chedworth
Henry Taunt
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carpet EastMarple1,

2 yearss ago

carpet HEIRteam,

1 years ago

Thank you for this additional information which has been added to image notes in the HEIR database. This is a lovely view of the hypocaust, the heating system for the bath house.

carpet boarshill,

1 years ago

(1) Historic England seems to have the same Taunt photo from which this lantern slide was taken. They date it as 1901. (2) I am emailing you my re-photo of April 2016. Much tidying up has taken place in the meantime - walls repaired and roofed, encroaching trees cut back, and - most dramatically the - the fallen hypocaust pillars repositioned neatly.

carpet HEIRteam,

1 years ago

Thank you so much for providing a date for this photograph. We've added that information to the HEIR database. We are looking forward to receiving your comparator picture which demonstrates the huge change in the management practice of historic sites in the past 115 years.

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