Instarch: England: Hampshire: "SILCHESTER: FOUNDATIONS OF CHURCH" "[obscured text] SILCHESTER: [illegible word] CHURCH RUINS" "XY. k. 1675"
England, Hampshire, Silchester
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carpet EastMarple1,

3 yearss ago


carpet HEIRteam,

3 yearss ago

Thank you for this additional information about the church which has been added to the image notes in the HEIR database.

carpet boarshill,

10 months ago

This photo was presumably taken in 1892, according to George C. Boon : " ... the most famous of all the Silchester discoveries [the Romano-British Christian Church], first unearthed in May 1892, carefully covered in at the end of that year's work, and re-examined in 1961 ..." (George C. Boon, "Silchester: The Roman Town of Calleva" 1974 edition, p 173.) The mosaic you can see in the apse is now in Reading Museum, Silchester Gallery. See also HEIR photo 43334.

carpet HEIRteam,

9 months ago

Thank you for providing a date for the picture, a most valuable bit of information to add to the HEIR database on both versions of the image.

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