AHist: England: "Hexham Abbey gate. 27610."
England, Northumberland, Northumbria, Hexham
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carpet boarshill,

3 yearss ago

This is Cowgarth in Hexham. It leads out NNE under the arches where it forms a T junction with Gilesgate/Market Street. It looks as if it once formed a well-defended entrance to the Abbey precinct?

carpet HEIRteam,

3 yearss ago

Thanks for the information. We've updated the notes on the online database - many thanks. We've just noticed all the children in the image. Dress suggests an Edwardian date? The photographer was obviously the most exciting thing that had happened to them all day...

carpet boarshill,

2 yearss ago

Cross-link to another (HEIR image AD 35920) which is another photo of the same place from a similar angle (but without the little girls and the boy with the loaf). The caption there is "Wylie: ruined arches with view of a post office". The building visible through the arches is Hadrian House. It is no longer a Post Office - it now houses Council Offices and the office of the Registrar of Births and Deaths. It does, however, still have a post box in its front wall.

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