GEOG: England: North Yorkshire: "Askrigg with Addleborough."
England, North Yorkshire, Askrigg, Addleborough
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walk class31,

2 yearss ago

Eureka This is Askrigg looking south over the village. Everything fits for Askrigg. Askrigg is in North Yorkshire.

carpet HEIRteam,

2 yearss ago

Thank you. The caption and location information now include this detail.

carpet boarshill,

1 years ago

Confirm class31's identification and orientation -- the church is St Oswald's Church, Askrigg, Wensleydale. The church tower OS grid ref is SD 94762 91027 (the location map needs to be adjusted).

carpet HEIRteam,

12 months ago

Thanks for the additional information. We've updated the map here and in the HEIR database.

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