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  • AD52518_GEOGBX108im006-lpr

    We could well have mistranscribed the information on the lantern slide, so we have updated the HEIR database caption and the location on the map. Thanks for sharing some local knowledge with us.

    2 last comment by HEIRteam 1 day ago
  • AD34645_img 592-lpr

    We've converted the grid reference to latitude and longitude (54.996846,-1.788482) and updated the maps for this image and it's companion image 34644. Thanks for helping us improve our accuracy.

    4 last comment by HEIRteam 1 day ago
  • AD46724_AHistc2d4img694c-lpr

    Thanks for this information. We've added the note "1890 or earlier" to the image caption in the HEIR database based upon your research.

    2 last comment by HEIRteam 2 days ago

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  • AD44635_AHistc1d4img673c-lpr

    The final consensus from the Kemp Town Society was that the picture most likely is a view of Arundel Terrace, though possibly not an actual view, but one that includes some completed and proposed structures that were never built.

    8 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AD38857_InstArchbx37im006-lpr

    Thank you for letting us know about this 2015 BBC report. The loss of the actual structure makes our image, and the book from which it was taken, all the more valuable and important for future scholars. We have added your comments to the image notes in the HEIR database.

    4 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AD41597_HMCbx1im056-lpr

    Thank you for spotting this and letting us know about the problem. We have flipped the image in the HEIR database so it now is properly oriented there. We appreciate your help in improving the accuracy of the database.

    2 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AD45816_HMCbx14im025-lpr

    What a useful comment, one which we have used to improve the caption of the photo in the HEIR database. Thank you for your feedback about this picture and the link.

    2 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AHist: England:

    Those certainly seem reasonable approaches to dating this image, as well as finding someone to date the automobile. With several different time ranges to work with, we could probably come up with a close approximation of the date. Thanks for your suggestions.

    2 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AD51465_GEOGbx72im044-lpr.jpg

    Thanks for the complement to class31. Perhaps you'll have time to learn more about the A4 and let us know more about this picture.

    5 last comment by HEIRteam, 2 months ago
  • AD35813_piggottbx29im187-lpr

    Thanks for the citations. We were aware of the 1934 article and had reviewed it, but not the 1893 original. We've added your information to the HEIR database. We really appreciate the research you undertake on our behalf.

    4 last comment by HEIRteam, 3 months ago
  • AD43659_AHistc3d2img384c-lpr

    Thank you for properly identifying the building, a task we'd failed at due to the handwritten label on the lantern slide. We've updated the image caption in HEIR. The picture seems to predate the Newton & Co. business address, a practice we've seen on other images in their inventory as well.

    6 last comment by HEIRteam, 3 months ago
  • AD41240_instarchbx93im008-lpr

    Thanks for this, as you can see we have corrected the map coordinates. We've also updated the map in the HEIR database.

    4 last comment by HEIRteam, 3 months ago
  • AD37230_INSTARCHbx4im038-lpr

    That's very useful to know, and may explain why I sometimes find more than one copy of the same image in a set of magic lantern slides. Thanks for the tip.

    5 last comment by boarshill, 3 months ago